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IKO Kyokushinkaikan Training Manual
IKO Kyokushinkaikan Training Manual
-Instructor's Sample Class OutlineThe following is a sample based on Honbu's basic class for "all Students".
Classes geared for Seniors, Juniors, the physically challenged and Knockdown fighters may differ substantially from
this general outline, with the exception of the standard "Shidoin", bow in and bow out ceremonies.
1. Bow in as detailed in "Bowing In Ceremony", above.
2. Begin class with warm up of body and stretch beginning at lower extremities and ending with arms. Typically
ending with
Mawashi uke for shoulder rotation and Ibuki with Shotei to train lungs and tighten entire body.
3. Kihon
in "Sanchin Dachi":
(1) Seiken: Chudan Tsuki, Jodan Tsuki, Ago Uchi, Shita Tsuki, Kagi Tsuki
(2) Uraken: Gammen Uchi, Sayu Uchi, Hizo Uchi, Mawashi Uchi in “Kiba Dachi”:
(3) Seiken Shita Tsuki, Hiji Uchi (Enpi) in “Sanchin Dachi”:
(4) Uke: Jodan, Chudan Uchi, Chudan Soto, Gedan Barai, Uchi Uke/Gedan Barai
(5) Shuto Uchi techniques: Gammen, Sakotsu, Sakotsu Uchikomi, Uizo, Uchi Uchi
Keri techniques: in "Zenkutsu Dachi Keri No Kamae"
(1) Mae Keage, right first, then left leg
Keri techniques: in "Heiko Dachi" (alternating legs)
(2) Uchi Mawashi, Sotomawashi, Hiza Geri, Kin Geri, Mae Geri(Jodan), Mawashi Geri (Jodan)
Keri techniques: in Musubi Dachi
(3) Yoko Keage, Yoko Geri, Kansetsu Geri
Keri technique: in Heiko Dachi
(4) Ushiro Geri
**Ibuki & Nogare breathing techniques followed by a brief standing Mokuso (Musubi Dachi) is advised here prior to
beginning the second portion of the class.
4. Ido Geiko
Ido Geiko, moving and stepping Kihon techniques and combinations thereof difficulty dependent on student's
rank in class and Instructor's preference.
eg.) White Belt: in Zenkutsu Dachi, 3 steps forward and backward or turning
(1) Seiken: Chudan Oi Tsuki, Chudan Gyaku Tsuki
(2) Uke: Jodan Uke, Soto Uke, Uchi Uke, Gedan Barai
(3) Keri: Mae Keage, Uchi Mawashi, Soto Mawashi, Mae Geri, Mawashi Geri
in Kiba Dachi
(4) Keri: Yoko Geri, Ushiro Gari
**Mokuso or other recovery period advised here, prior to beginning third portion of class.
5. Kata
Selection of Kata dependent on student’s rank in class and instructor’s preference.
eg.) White Belt: Taikyoku Sono Ichi & Ni, Sokugi Taikyoku Sono Ichi
6. Yakusoku Kumite
Uke Kaeshi combination training with partners. Very light or No contact.
7. Light Sparring / Jiyu Kumite training
**Note: To minimize common injuries and to allow for daily practice in Kumite, the IKO Kyokushinkaikan strongly
recommends the use of shin/instep guards, gloves, groin or breast cups and mouthpieces for Sparring / Kumite
training in all general student's classes.
8. Conditioning EG: Sit ups / Push ups / Squats / handstand walking / jump training
Stretch EG: with partners or solo, for legs, arms and entire body
9. Bow out as detailed in "Bow Out Ceremony", above.
10. Dojo Clean up
*** Weaponry techniques are not a current requirement of the IKO Technical Syllabus, but are strongly recommended
for all advanced students
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